Welcome to The St. Andrew’s Blog

Hi, my name is David Marks, and I’m your host on The St. Andrew’s Blog.  We’ll be a little more informal here, than on our main website. A little homier and conversational.  While the main website has a lot more detail about our different ministries and activities, this spot will be a little more wide-ranging with (I hope) more voices and comments.  Explore our main site, if you haven’t, then come back over here, pour your favorite beverage, pull up a chair, and let’s talk about it.

Have an idea for a post? Want to contribute something? Shoot me an email about it. (david@progchurchblog.com) And make some comments on the posts. It’s ok to disagree, too, just keep it clean and rational, ok?

I hope you’ll enjoy your time here, and come back often. If you’ve never visited St. Andrew’s, come check us out some Sunday. We’re a friendly and accepting lot.  My “real job” is Music Director, so you’ll see me up front doing my thing… come introduce yourself after the service.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by, and as my dad said at the end of every visit, “Y’all come!”